Daniele Aubert Schmitt lives and works in Toulouse. She was born in Strasbourg in the shadow of the cathedral in an old Protestant family from Alsace.
Between library and music, it is in her younger days that she decided to move to painting. After a few detours, her arrival in Midi Pyrenees gives her the opportunity to join her peers in contemporary art. Painter of the Toulouse School, her career is similar to that of many artists today: workshop (workshop Christian Schmidt, Toulouse), murals (National Education, theaters), group exhibitions (cultural centers, museums, galleries), personal exhibitions (chapel, cultural centers, galleries), and finally artist books.

Her different achievements are mainly based on two dimensional representation : she will be more a painter than a sculptress.

Whatever the topic or topics, d.a.s. rarely strays from a game with the clock of time and its movements. The changeable flexibility of images from the present is reflected within this playground, a flexibility leading to new images on which underlying propositions can be added or removed.

She is a painter who enjoys juggling and playing with different materials in multiple domains. Anamorphosis on canvas dropped look like elongation; oils show swirling colors which overlap to form new constructions and halt on a topic. Graphic oils on white canvas possess the unpredictability of a tightened instant, the plain surfaces of the polyptychs, by slowing down the vibrations of color, bond image to figuration. Finally artists books as "Théâtre de portraits et anecdotes de têtes", combine stories with pictures.

Current researches stand in a game moving from painting and drawing to writing.

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